Death threats and online harassment.

This guy has been harassing a youtuber for the longest time (3 yrs). He’s mental, and he states that they are in a serious relationship which her and then send her several death threats to her email along with unrequested dick pictures. He’s a nobody, jobless asshole who is now flagging down her accounts in attempts to take her social media down. One of her twitters got suspended, her youtube channel is at risk. Why? How? Because this girl decided to speak up about what he was doing, put all the evidence out in the open… and he is now flagging down her channel while Youtube and Twitter agree with this. This is extremely sad, but I wont stand for thsi behavior. I wouldnt stand for this no matter who’s being affected by this, NOBODY deserves this type of treatment. I have decided to also expose this guy, and let you guys know what he has been doing. This is his twitter account:

Depression symptoms and tips + suicide hotline websites. You’re not alone, and you can get through this.


Accidentally hurting someone vs. accidentally hurting an animal

#GamerGate isn't over (or "How to debunk cherrypicked out-of-context phrases 101")


Disclaimer: This isn’t really the type of content I used to post here but I feel like it’s necessary to get this info out in a way that’s comfortable to read for people not used to giant screenshots with red text.

So, ZQ declared she was lurking on an IRC channel and that she now has proof that…